U.S. Education Corporation, USEC, was established to acquire, operate, and grow quality private career colleges and schools throughout the United States.

• Western Career College was the first acquisition In February, 2003
• Apollo College was the second acquisition in December, 2003

USEC has expanded its platform to serve more than 50,000 graduates through seventeen campuses in the Western United States.

We prepare students for fulfilling careers in health care through certificate and associate programs. Our colleges provide career-focused, outcome-based, postsecondary education and training write my essay. These programs are overseen by various regulatory agencies and are guided by several key employers.

U.S. Education Corporation helps men and women understand the career choices that are available to them. We help them understand what it takes to be successful and develop the necessary skills to do so. We assist them with their search for productive employment and put them on the path to success!

Projections indicate that about 75% of new job openings in the next decade will require some post-secondary education. Salary data also demonstrates that a post-secondary education helps increase compensation – the more you learn, the more you earn.

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